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IT'S FREE!Youth Technical Program

This year's Youth Technical Program (YTP) is going to be magical.  Each Youth will be given the coolest ESD  Wand that will make objects fly and do many other shocking things.  The official name of the topic is ElectroStatic Discharge (also known as ESD) - it's all about how electrical shocks, even those created by rubbing your feet on the carpet, can be a major source of electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems.     

The Youth Technical Program will consist of one 2 hour workshop where a leading expert will explain the principles of ESD and how we try to control them using Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) technologies.  The talk will include demonstrations and hands-on experiences using the ESD Wands.  The workshop will be held on Wednesday from 10am to Noon.

In addition to Wednesday's workshop, on Thursday morning, from 10am to Noon,  the Youth Technical Program and all Companions (adults and youths) are invited to join a guided tour of the exhibition  hall where the experts will show us their newest and coolest EMC devices.

The Youth Technical Program is free; however, we encourage all interested participants to register for the YTP so that an adequate number of ESD Wands can be purchased. The Youth Program is recommended for ages 8 to 19. Younger children are welcome if accompanied by adults or teenage or older siblings.

The 2014 symposium is able to offer the Youth Technical Program free of charge due to the continued support of InField Scientific Inc., Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada.  Dr. Amy Pinchuk, President of InField, was an original founder of this Program with its inception at the EMC Symposium in 2001.

Also, to avoid confusion, it should be noted that the Youth Technical Program registration does not include access to the Companion Suite or social events.

Amy Pinchuk              
Chair, Technical Program Committee           

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